OYEFLY Handheld Dog Repellent & Trainer, Ultrasonic Infrared Dog Deterrent, Ultrasonic Infrared Dog Deterrent for Safety,Outdoor,Walking, Dog Trainer Pet & Human Safe


KEEP UNFRIENDLY DOGS AWAY:The Handheld Dog Repellent uses two ultrasonic transmitters.Protect yourself from dangerous dogs while walking, Jogging, or bicycling.Stop dog approaching you before it can bite you; A good protector for yourself
SAFE AND HUMANE:Ultrasound Emitted Trainer Device uses physical methods to stimulate dogs and has no effect on dog’s health,thus being the most humane way to protect yourself from aggressive dogs.It can also be used as dog training device.
PORTABLE:This is portable and handheld,and fits comfortably into your pocket,Perfect to take along while jogging or walking, cycling, parks, etc.