Deuce Drone Will Test Wing Delivery Over Alabama

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Tasty wings may someday wing their way over the skies of Mobile, Ala. Startup Deuce Drone announced the signing this week of an agreement with Buffalo Wild Wings franchisee Potter Wings Mobile to demonstrate drone deliveries of the restaurant’s select menu items.

Slated to begin in August, the project will task Deuce Drone, a new company with a reported $11.8 million valuation on Netcapital, with the design of a system to deliver, land, recharge, and handle packages via drone in compliance with local, state and federal regulations. In addition, the company will develop a software platform to integrate with Buffalo Wild Wing’s point-of-sale system.

“Buffalo Wild Wings is a perfect test case for Deuce Drone’s last mile delivery solution,” said Rhett Ross, CEO of Deuce Drone. “We feel we offer Buffalo Wild Wings a significant opportunity to provide alternative means of food and drink delivery to consumers.”

“Partnering with Deuce Drone will give us the opportunity to test new ways to evolve and meet the takeout needs of customers through drone technology,” said Brian Jordan of Potters Wings Mobile.

“Deuce Drone’s expertise in aerospace, construction and technology delivers an innovative solution that could reduce costs and delivery time, while giving customers the option of a truly contactless delivery.”

As social-distancing protocol continues to escalate restaurant-delivery market share, many companies are experimenting with drone delivery options. For example:

  • Scotland’s BrewDog, a craft beer brewery, is currently brewing up a plan to deliver six packs via drone.
  • Manna’s drone delivery pilot program is being developed to deliver ice cream and Thai food in three minutes to University College of Dublin students.
  • Terra Drone Europe is teaming up with British-Dutch conglomerate Unilever to explore drone delivery of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cups. During a recent Unilever investor’s event, attendees watched as a multi-copter drone delivered a box labeled “Open Me” holding three mini cups weighing 78g each.

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