This First-Of-Its-Kind Dog Dental Care System Is Changing The Game For Stank Breath & Dirty Teeth

Oh hey, just so you know: You should always see your vet if you have questions or concerns about your dogs’ health—they know their stuff! Please do not use Bright Dental as an alternative to professional veterinary care if your pups’ doc says it’s necessary.

Wanna know the real dirty truth? 80% of dogs over the age of three develop dental disease, which means most people do little or nothing to maintain their dogs’ oral health. Zero. Zilch. Stinky breath and brown-and-yellow teeth all around. Truths don’t get much dirtier than that.

But why, when we go above and beyond to choose exactly the right food, schedule a vet appointment at the slightest sneeze, and drag ourselves off the couch to squeeze in one last walkie, are we such slackers when it comes to our dogs’ mouths? THAT’S WHERE ALL THE KISSES COME FROM.

Once I started brushing my pup’s teeth, I realized why. Mouth vs. toothbrush is a battle already lost, and saliva fingers are a risk you must be willing to take.

There had to be a better way. We don’t quit brushing our teeth because it’s annoying, and neither should your dog. So we tossed the toothbrush and started from scratch with Bright Dental and a “brushing” routine that outperforms any toothpaste, chew, or toy alone. Seriously.

What is Bright Dental?

Bright Dental is the first and only dual dental gel and dental stick system to keep dogs’ funky breath and plaque buildup under control. The best part? Your dog does all the work.

They don’t pay rent, they can brush their own teeth.

Each kit includes a month’s supply of tasty chicken dental sticks and triple-action enzymatic toothpaste.

The enzymes are key—no existing dog toothpaste uses THREE enzymes to break down the problem-causing debris that causes bad breath and other dental issues. When used together with the tough dental sticks, it keeps dirty mouths clean and helps prevent the complications that come with advanced dental disease.

What is dental disease?

Put simply, dental disease is an infection of the mouth. It begins with small, seemingly harmless things like bad breath and yellow or brownish plaque buildup on the tooth’s surface, and dogs may lose interest in eating hard kibble or chewing tough rubber or nylon toys.

They won’t tell you these activities have become uncomfortable or downright painful, so it’s your job to spot the signs early on.

Over time, these symptoms can develop into nastier things like inflamed gums, loose teeth, and eventual tooth loss. Severe forms of the condition may also lead to heart disease as bacteria in the mouth passes into the bloodstream and accumulates in dogs’ arteries.

That’s no fun for dogs, and it’s definitely no friend to your wallet when a professional veterinary dental cleaning (at the very least) becomes the only option. That being said, Bright Dental is not an alternative to a professional cleaning—please listen to your vet’s advice and seek their opinion if you have other concerns for your dog’s oral health.

So, what do the enzymes do?

We teamed up with Novozymes in Denmark (a global biotech company with a lot of really smart cookies) to develop the most effective, dog-friendly enzyme formula with an oh-so irresistible chicken flavor. Real chicken, of course.

Enzymes are molecules, usually proteins, that speed up the chemical reactions in cells in lots of different areas of the body. Let us introduce you to our enzyme trio and explain how they work:

Enzyme #1: Amyloglucosidase (AMG)

AMG breaks down the starches and complex sugars in your dog’s mouth and turns it into glucose, a simple sugar.

Enzyme #2: Glucose oxidase (GOX)

GOX takes that glucose and transforms it into a safe and effective natural cleaning agent. Think of it like a team of very tiny toothbrushes scrubbing away bacteria.

Enzyme #3: Lactoperoxidase

Lactoperoxidase is the real superhero. It triggers a catalyst of reactions to boost the toothbrushes’ glucose-conversion performance, and helps other compounds already present in your dog’s saliva (like natural antibacterial agents) do their best work.

We call all of this an enzyme cascade. Each component needs to be present to have the full effect, and any one acting alone (like you’ll find in existing “enzymatic” dog toothpastes on the market) just won’t do.

The result? A healthier microbiome in the mouth that prevents the progression of plaque buildup and tooth decay, and keeps bad breath under control. Finally, you can accept your pup’s accidental up-the-nose kisses without grimacing.

How does it work?

This is the best part! There are just two steps, and you only need to do one yourself. GOODBYE, SALIVA FINGERS!

First, take one of the Bright dental sticks and squeeze the dental gel along the groove.

Next, let your dog do the dirty work! The gentle abrasion of the chewing action helps expose more plaque and tartar to the enzymes already found in your dog’s mouth. The Bright Dental gel adds even more of those enzymes into the mix to supercharge their benefits.

Oh, and the toothpaste is water-based, so it shouldn’t stain carpets or other fabrics.

What’s in it? I only give my dog the best.

You’re our kind of dog people. You deserve to know what’s in the things you give your dog, and know exactly what they do.

Bright Dental toothpaste ingredients:

Water: You know the stuff. It forms the basis of the toothpaste.

Glycerol: Found in every living cell, it’s a natural substance that keeps the ingredients stable.

Lactose-free skim milk powder: Rich in protein, this powder is gluten- and starch-free, with natural immune boosters that help the enzymes work even better.

Chicken extract: Made from real chicken, our extract is low on salt to avoid upsetting sensitive tummies. No artificial flavors here!

Sorbitol: A sugar alcohol that occurs naturally in some fruits, it’s used as a sweetener with fewer calories per gram than sugar.

Microcrystalline cellulose: Used as a thickening agent, this makes sure the toothpaste “sticks” to your dog’s teeth long enough to work its magic.

Alginate: A thickening agent extracted from seaweed.

Citric acid: Regulates pH and ensures that our enzymes are alive and kicking when they reach your pup’s mouth.

Carboxymethyl cellulose: A helpful stabilizer that’s also found in yogurt. We use the minimum amount.

Potassium sorbate: A must-have stabilizer that keeps the gel fresh for longer.

Enzymes: Three, to be exact. We add even more of the ones already in your dog’s saliva so they can work triple-duty.

Wait, I thought sorbitol was bad for dogs?

We LOVE that you love your dogs enough to be careful with every ingredient; we are too. Sorbitol is a naturally-formed sugar alcohol that is non-toxic to dogs, and it’s used in many other dog and human toothpastes. Consumed in large amounts, just like with any sugar, it may cause an upset tummy. That’s why Bright Dental uses the minimum amount.

Don’t confuse sorbitol with xylitol, another commonly-used sugar substitute in many human products (chewing gum, toothpastes, and even some peanut butters). Unlike sorbitol, xylitol is highly toxic to dogs even in small amounts.

Bright Dental chew ingredients:

Potato Flour: Ground from whole potatoes, it acts as a thickening agent.

Vegetable Glycerin: A simple compound with a sweet taste; we use it to sweeten things up.

Potato Starch: A thickener that also adds moisture.

Water for Processing: Good ol’ water. You know it and love it.

Chicken: The bok-bok bird, and our office dogs’ favorite flavor.

Gelatin: Used as a thickener.

Lecithin: A fatty substance that occurs naturally in plant and animal tissues. It’s used here as a stabilizer.

Gum Arabic: Used as a stabilizer and thickening agent.

Natural Smoke Flavor: This is exactly what it sounds like! Who doesn’t love that fresh-from-the-barbecue taste?

Calcium Carbonate: A naturally-occurring compound that acts as a preservative to keep foods fresh for longer.

Sodium Tri-Polyphosphate: A chemical compound that helps preserve the chicken and maintain its moisture content.

Cellulose Powder: Formed from plant fibers, this powder keeps the mixture from clumping.

Citric Acid: Found in citrus fruits, it’s used as a natural preservative.

Potassium Sorbate: Fancy words for a preservative.

Mixed Tocopherols: A source of Vitamin E, and a preservative to keep your chews fresh all month long.

How do I sign up?

Get a Bright Dental kit shipped right to your dog door with your BarkBox each month by adding it to your box via your account! Kits are also available on

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